Stalking Annie Dillard

“Stalking is a game played in the actual present.” —Annie Dillard

I often go for walks during my lunch breaks, and when I do, I’m usually reading. I learned this method of multi-tasking as an English major with more books to read in one semester than I could stuff in my backpack. Now that I’ve graduated and gotten a “grown-up job,” I have to fit reading in whenever I can. “Read-walking,” as I call it, allows me to get some fresh air, exercise, and a daily dose of good storytelling. (more…)

An Evening Meditation

Dad plays lullabies on the piano (songs he wrote himself) as eight-year-old Hannah tries to sleep. She hurt her knee earlier today and is having trouble getting comfortable in bed. I listen from the family library, my makeshift bedroom when I visit home. The house is silent except for the haunts of Dad’s simple tunes. (more…)

The Midnight Parable

God’s creations, if we listen, become our teachers. But we don’t like to listen. Humanity is an extroverted race. But I have learned that it is better to listen than to be heard; it is better to see than to be seen. Only when we understand this can we offer something worth hearing and seeing.  (more…)