Ten Days in Honduras

10 Days in Honduras: Adventures in La Ceiba

Day 9:

Sunday morning, very calm. I walked down to the clinic and spent some time reading and catching up in my journal. It was nice to take time to be still, alone, not trying to understand Spanish, not trying to make someone understand English. I was away from all distraction. I loved just being still for a few moments. (more…)


10 Days in Honduras: Returning to Jutiapa

Day 8:

Last time I saw Jutiapa was on a Sunday, a relatively quiet and empty day. This time, a Saturday, Jutiapa is bustling with activity. Cars and little taxis fill the streets, and people fill the shops and sidewalks. Everything is alive. Bairon said that at night it is even more alive. I wish I could see that. (more…)

10 Days in Honduras: A Farmer-Dentist, Coca-Cola, and Challenges of Traveling

Day 6:

School at Jalan and BelAire was canceled today. I’m not sure why. Schools just randomly cancel and take breaks if they want to. Bairon’s school was canceled for a week, which is why he has been able to spend so much time with me. (more…)

10 Days in Honduras: Snakes, Witchcraft, and “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”

Day 5:

Classes today were really fun. Up to this point, I’ve taught the alphabet, numbers, months, and days. The students are quick and keep me scratching the bottom of the barrel for more things to teach. Of course they still have the whole language to learn. But it is difficult to find things that are both simple enough for them to understand and simple enough for me to teach. (more…)

10 Days in Honduras: A Village Called “California” and Lessons Learned While Teaching

Day 4:

I taught classes without Amanda and Bruce, since they went to another part of the country for about a week. I was very nervous. Bruce made a list of phrases to use while teaching, but I kind of gave up on it. I would say a phrase and know I said it wrong when all I got in response were blank stares. Luckily, Bairon stepped in and did his best to translate. He didn’t have to say much. He just told the students when we transitioned to a new topic and when we were done for the day. I was nervous, but it went okay. I was surprised by how much I could teach even though I don’t speak my students’ language. (more…)

10 Days in Honduras: Day 3

Day 3 (August 12)

Today changed everything. I can finally say that I have given something to Honduras–a small contribution, but a contribution nonetheless.

I started by teaching English. The plan was for Bairon and me to go by ourselves to the local schools, which would have been hard because of communication barriers, but luckily Bruce and Amanda were available and happy to come. (more…)