The Uncomfortable Solution to World Poverty

For several months, my wife has been trying to get me to read an essay called “The Solution to World Poverty,” which appeared in The New York Times Magazine in 1999. The author, Peter Singer, presents the idea that if we don’t give all our surplus money to help people in need, we are not living an ethical lifestyle.

I put off reading the essay because I knew it would make me uncomfortable. I was nervous to assume responsibility for whatever knowledge it might contain. Finally, I read it at work during a recent lunch break, and I was right. It challenged me in ways that I’m still working through. (more…)

The Tale You Did Not Know You Needed to Know

In early December, the well-known author Brian Doyle did a reading at BYU-Idaho and visited the nonfiction class I was taking at the time. Meeting him and hearing him read his writing aloud was an incredible experience, and I realized that while our personalities and writing styles are different, our goals as writers are much the same. We both see our writing as weapons. We both see stories as food that can nourish the world.  (more…)

Advice to My Roommates

Don’t leave it there. Do clean it up. Don’t pretend to be the crusader of cleanliness. Do make your bed. Don’t pee on the toilet seat or on the floor. Do clean the toilet and the floor when your aim is off. Don’t let cooking oil collect under the element on the stove after you deep-fry chicken to the point that it causes a grease fire. (more…)